Pocket Change Global

Pocket Change is a Japanese Fintech start-up providing all-in-one solution for worldwide travelers upon their leftover coins and bills.


The solution enables us to convert those coins and bills into digital money and electronic benefits. Moreover, user can top up their e-wallet., such as WeChat and replenish their transportation IC cards (Now is available in all Japan Transportation IC Cards). EasyCards & IPass in Taiwan together with the Octopus in HK have approved our service bundling with them.


In OJO, our goal is to help individuals to truly enjoy and have fun in each of their experience in Japan.

OJO is a one-stop travel assistance application that specializes in personalized guiding and providing latest and exclusive travel information for anyone who likes traveling to Japan. 

We offer tools tools, services and special UIs for travelers to overcome any barriers they may encounter during their trip including culture, language and information.


LIMEMOTION® is the engine manufacturer of the perfomance enabling to power any type of bicycle. Bringing a unique technology solution to the market LIMEMOTION® offers electric motors resulting from the competition, combining unique perfomance and lightness.


Craftsmanship sums up what Groovyboom is all about. Groovyboom aims to preserve the dying art of craftsmanship through workshops and events. Through the professionalism and dedication of the founders, Groovyboom strives to preserve the rich and wonderful art of craftsmanship spirit in Hong Kong.

LimeHK has provide countless collaboration opportunities to host events and assisting them on achieving key business milestones


Synticate is a one-stop database solution for all participants in the evolving startup world. At Synticate, you can gain unique insights, discover latest analytical trends and connect with the best minds within a few clicks. Here at LimeHK, we aim to provide maximum exposure for Synticate to collect and vamp up their startup database.

China Post Cross-Border Ecommerce 

China Post Cross-Border eCommerce is an O2O supply chain platform to helping international brands gain footprint within China and vice versa. With CPCB already well established within the Chinese ecosystem, they aim to bridge the gaps between SME brands looking to establish themselves into China. CPCB leverages their resources with China Post to ensure endless opportunities.


Key 3 Limited is a technology startup that offers an IoT solution to all rental property owners, operators and administrators. 

Real time data-collection and digital property management. Do it all on your smart phone.

LimeHK helped Key3 kickstart its business with our strategy design.


4HK is an exclusive community of professionals working in an agency model providing digital and branding solutions for Startups, SMEs & Corporates. 4HK aims to provide the best one stop solution in Hong Kong and Asia Pacific Region for top companies to rely on.LimeHK has help provide quality business leads and opened the doors for collaborations between the startup and digital landscape.

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