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About LimeHK

LimeHK is a leading acceleration consultation company passionately committed to supporting the growth and success of early to middle-stage startups operating in the vibrant regions of Hong Kong, Greater Bay Area, and Japan.


By offering personalized mentorship, fostering strategic business relations, and providing indispensable startup resources, LimeHK endeavors to help startups achieve self-sustainability, accelerate growth, and secure early investments. Our dedicated team of seasoned mentors and consultants boasts a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the local business ecosystems, which allows us to craft bespoke solutions that cater to the unique needs and aspirations of the startups we collaborate with.

At LimeHK, we pride ourselves on our unwavering dedication to nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit, fostering innovation, and driving the success of the next generation of trailblazing startups

LimeHK 是一家領先的加速顧問公司,熱衷於支持香港、大灣區和日本地區的初創和中期初創企業的發展和成功。通過提供個性化的指導,培養戰略業務關係,提供不可或缺的初創企業資源,LimeHK 努力幫助初創企業實現自我可持續性,加速增長並獲得早期投資。我們專業的導師和顧問團隊擁有豐富的經驗和對本地商業生態系統的深入了解,這使我們能夠為我們合作的初創企業量身定制解決方案,以滿足他們獨特的需求和願景。在 LimeHK,我們無懈可擊的致力於培育企業家精神,促進創新,推動下一代開創性初創企業的成功而自豪

LimeHK 最重要的信念就是與創業者及各個初創企業同路,我們希望能與大家於充滿血與淚的生存路上一起打拼,願意一起「食檸檬」。

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